The tidal island nation of Sera has always been reknowned for it’s excellent training of Clerics and Paladins into the goddess Raelios’s order. It is a citystate of crystalized beauty, arching stonescape spiraling up the island in polished marble and ivory. The city is only accessible during low tide when a small safe passageway can be traversed through the soppy ground through the use of a guide, else travelers have been known to have been swallowed up by the quicksand pits that scour the waste outside Sera.


Sera was originally a monastary built separate from the rest of the nearby nations of Nall and Jettidan and ruled over by the fierce human nation of Jettidan for centuries. Founded by Jettidan clerics wishing to establish a holy space to worship their goddess they chose the fortified mountain of Ser. It was used as a battle fortress for many centuries by

Relationships with Other Nations

Sera has good relations with the Elven country of Nall to the far north, having asked for their aid in their battle for independence from Jettidan. This has caused many Elvish pilgrims seeking council from the Mother Prophet to

Important Figures

  • Current Mother Prophet – Araceli Lightspeaker
  • Previous Mother Propher – Vivi Dawnrest
  • Head Councilwoman – Theia Falkness
  • Right of the Light – Caspian Nex
  • Left of the Light – Roridan “Rory” Markov


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